28.  90% of my clients come from your kind words, referrals and testimonials. I very much appreciate your help and support. Please submit testimonials via email, contact page on my website (www.holmanacupuncture.com), letter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. Thank you again for your support.

26.  Over 80% of the mercury toxification that I am finding, comes from amalgam dental fillings. The local rep for dental fillings estimates that 2/3 of the dentists are still using it. You can only assume the dentists are not recognizing the level of toxification that they are introducing to their patients and themselves. Mercury leaking from a dental filling has the tendency to attack the weak link, which makes it difficult for western medicine to diagnose (system based). If your weak link is headaches, then that is the symptom it will cause. If your weak link is skin imbalance or joint pain, then that is the imbalance it will cause. Very few dentists are willing to discuss the shelve life of a mercury dental filling and what happens after that date is passed. What it doesn’t do is cause inflammation of the gums. A dentist that is unfamiliar with this situation will look in your mouth and say everything is just fine. What they are not looking at is your liver. Like most chemicals, it settles in the liver and the imbalances from a toxic liver are too numerous to mention. Detoxing chemicals and pesticides could be one of the most important preventive medicine treatments that you can do for yourself, and is one of the forte of NAET Acupuncture.

25.  Western medicine is just starting to recognize that it’s not about what you intake, it’s about what you absorb. Magnesium deficiency caused by a rejection, can cause major imbalances in the body. Unfortunelaty because it’s a rejection, intaking more magnesium will not help. One of the most common imbalances caused by magnesium deficiency is constipation. Seizures, nervous system disorders, heart palpation, high blood pressure, joint pain and respiratory imbalances are all common symptoms of a magnesium deficiency. Rejection of vitamins and minerals can be easily resolved with NAET Acupuncture.

23.  NAET Acupuncture combines acupuncture 4,000 years old, with the highest computer technology of today (the use of vials, which gives us dramatically more specificity) and utilizes a law of nature, like energy balances like energy (the Law of Attraction). At this point in time, like energy is being used in vaccinations. When you get a flu shot, you are getting a little bit of the flu in the vaccination to stimulate the immune system. Homeopathy is also based on using like energy to balance like energy. It won’t be far in our future where this concept, (like energy balances like energy) will be in the forefront of western medicine.

22.  The second ingredient in the body’s make up is calcium. When the body is not absorbing calcium properly, the imbalances that it can cause are numerous.

*Arterial plaque (which is calcium bases) causing heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, strokes and heart attacks.

*Kidney stones

*Ganglion cysts

*Plaque (calcium based) in the brain causing Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Autism

*Calcification of the joints causing arthritis and many others

In today’s world of acupuncture increasing the absorption rate of vitamins and minerals is totally achievable. Detoxing the body of calcification and plaque is saving lives.

Charles Holman, Licensed, Board Certified Acupuncturist