26.  Over 80% of the mercury toxification that I am finding, comes from amalgam dental fillings. The local rep for dental fillings estimates that 2/3 of the dentists are still using it. You can only assume the dentists are not recognizing the level of toxification that they are introducing to their patients and themselves. Mercury leaking from a dental filling has the tendency to attack the weak link, which makes it difficult for western medicine to diagnose (system based). If your weak link is headaches, then that is the symptom it will cause. If your weak link is skin imbalance or joint pain, then that is the imbalance it will cause. Very few dentists are willing to discuss the shelve life of a mercury dental filling and what happens after that date is passed. What it doesn’t do is cause inflammation of the gums. A dentist that is unfamiliar with this situation will look in your mouth and say everything is just fine. What they are not looking at is your liver. Like most chemicals, it settles in the liver and the imbalances from a toxic liver are too numerous to mention. Detoxing chemicals and pesticides could be one of the most important preventive medicine treatments that you can do for yourself, and is one of the forte of NAET Acupuncture.