How To Love Your Pet Allergy Free

If you suffer from a pet allergy, you are most likely reacting to the proteins found in your pet’s skin cells, saliva or urine. Most furry animals can be a source of a pet allergy, but the most common sources are dogs and cats. A typical allergic reaction includes a runny nose and sneezing, but sometimes the reaction can be more severe such as wheezing and difficulty breathing. Some reactions include skin inflammation such as a rash or hives.

How are pet allergies treated by doctors? 

Western medicine treats pet allergies using an allergen injection strategy. The doctor at a typical western medicine allergy clinic is an allergy specialist who focuses on a series of allergy injections. The desired outcome is that the body will no longer react to the allergen when exposed to it.

One of the main problems with allergy injections is the additives used in the injection. Most allergy shots include thimerosal, mercury, formaldehyde, ammonia and preservatives. Some people have had success with these injections, however, the downside is that allergy injections can trash the immune system and expose your body to toxic chemicals. When an allergy doctor gives repeated injections, it overloads the body with unnecessary and unwanted toxic substances. 

How can a pet allergy be eliminated?

Dog and cat allergies are some of the easiest allergies to eliminate. In fact, most animal allergies are easy to fix. If you are not able to eliminate a cat allergy, dog allergy or any other animal allergy, you should not be in the allergy business. In my Evergreen acupuncture office, I treat all types of pet allergies in just a few treatments. 

One of the most common questions from my patients is how many acupuncture treatments are needed to eliminate a pet allergy? In most cases, it takes one to three acupuncture treatments to eliminate an allergy for each animal.

What happens after an acupuncture treatment? 

As a general rule, the patient should avoid the offending allergen for 24 hours after an allergy elimination acupuncture treatment. The waiting period allows the body to fully transfer the energy of the treatment throughout the body. Many patients have experienced total elimination of a cat allergy, dog allergy and other pet allergies where the outcome is their body no longer reacts to the allergen. This is the goal in each and every allergy treatment.   

If you are suffering from symptoms of a pet allergy, contact my office today and let me show you how to love your pet allergy free.