Men’s Sexual Function to 80 and Beyond

Are you suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED), or do you struggle with sexual performance or sexual function? Or maybe you have lost that loving feeling and you need to get it back. You are not alone! Many men suffer from these ailments and seek medical treatment from Low-T clinics and mens clinics that offer testosterone therapy.  

However, a Low-T clinic may not be the best option. These mens clinics usually offer testosterone injections as the solution for erectile dysfunction (ED) and low testosterone (Low-T).  

Testosterone injections cause the testicles to shrink, and the body becomes dependent on the injections to maintain sexual function. Instead of getting testosterone injections, a better solution is to find out what is out of balance in the whole body. 

Erectile dysfunction and a lack of sexual performance may be caused by vitamin and mineral deficiencies. These deficiencies are not caused by the lack of intake of minerals, but the lack of absorption. It’s the lack of absorption that causes the imbalance. By increasing the absorption of vitamins and minerals, balance is restored which includes sexual function. Men’s sexual health and sexual functions are highly linked to vitamin and mineral imbalances. At the men’s clinic in my Evergreen acupuncture office, we focus on men’s health, especially men’s sexual health, sexual performance, difficult ejaculation, lack of libido and erectile dysfunction. 

Western medicine uses pharmaceuticals to increase testosterone whereas we find out why there is a decrease in testosterone. One of the main treatments to resolve sexual imbalance is to stimulate the testicles through acupuncture or non-insertion techniques, usually on the hands and feet. These treatments can lead to increase testosterone production. To restore sexual function often takes less than six treatments, depending on age and health of the patient. 

Testosterone therapy is not well understood in the medical profession, and the FDA is reassessing the long-term safety of testosterone products. Some doctors warn patients to stay away from Low-T clinics because their practice is to prescribe as many testosterone products as possible without considering the safety of the patient. It’s not clear if these practices are completely safe.  In most cases, hormone replacement therapy for men is not a good idea.           

All hormones in the body are affected by what we eat. What is the number one food that throws hormones out of balance? Sugar. Sugar is the enemy of your general health, and when it comes to hormones, sugar is public enemy number one. For more about sugar, click here.

Contact my Evergreen acupuncture clinic if you are looking for an alternative to the Low-T treatments offered by other men’s clinics. We find the root cause of your hormonal imbalance so that you can get your sexual function back.