Date/Time: Monday night @ 5:30pm by appointment onlyevergreen tai chi

Please call to schedule: 303-670-8379




Location: Held at my office, 26320 Highway 74, Evergreen, CO

Cost: $250.00 for the 6 week class.  Please sign up early to reserve your spot, we expect this class to be full!  $300.00 after TBA if space is available,  drop in (if space available) $60.00 per class.

The Self Testing Protocol is one of the biggest break throughs in understanding our self and our root imbalances. Based on the principles of A.K. it gives us a look into the subconscious with a much clearer picture then we had before. In today’s time A.K. was brought to our attention by Dr. George Goodheart in the late sixties, and flourished in the seventies under his student Dr. John Diamond (see Your Body Doesn’t Lie) and others. Although there is evidence of it going back to ancient China the origin is unknown. With the understanding that all thought has energy, (see Messages from Water by Masaru Emoto) and the subconscious knows all there is to know about your own body, the Self Testing Protocol gives us an ability to ask questions and look for the root cause of our imbalance. With this clear picture we have a much better chance of eliminate the root cause and the symptoms long term.

Goals: Heighten our sensitivity to our surrounding.; Avoid toxins; Natural healing because of a better understanding of the root cause; A better connection to our subconscious Truth.