The Surrogate Protocol for Pets & Vets


The Surrogate Protocol for Pets and Vets is a low-risk and revolutionary approach to improving your pet’s health. In my Evergreen acupuncture clinic, the treatment method we recommend is called the Surrogate Protocol, an alternative type of treatment that overcomes some of the shortcomings of traditional treatments. For many years, Western medicine has considered acupuncture to be a placebo. This started to change because of the influence of the veterinarian acupuncturist. When a dog limps in to a veterinary clinic, gets an acupuncture treatment and runs out, it’s hard to call that a placebo.

The Surrogate Protocol can be used to treat almost any allergen that bothers your pet, and it involves no injections or oral medication. The protocol follows a similar treatment plan that is used for humans. It’s the idea that like energy treats and balances like energy. Treating your pet’s allergy with the essence of the allergen itself is the basis for the protocol. It always makes sense to start a treatment plan using the least invasive treatment method available, and if further treatment is needed, a more aggressive plan can be investigated.

If your pet is experiencing an allergy or you just can’t figure out what is wrong with your pet, contact Dr. Liz Inman and request that Charles Holman be brought in to consult with the pet patient. Charles has successfully treated and restored health for many pets.
Dr. Liz Inman, Family Veterinary Hospital
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Here is a testimonial from a pet parent whose dog was treated using the protocol.
“Hi Charles and Dr. Liz. Thank you both for seeing Turbo last week. He is doing so much better. Energy is great. He is eating, fluid has not returned. All looks good so far. Amazing and difficult couple of weeks going from your dog has a bleeding tumor and has days to live to where we are now.” – Thankful Pet Parent

Seminars will be offered to teach veterinarians how to use this protocol in their veterinary practice. Certifications for this treatment method will be provided upon the completion of the course. We will provide a referral list of certified veterinarians.