Until about 15 years ago, for 30 years or so, I restricted food intake to nightly meals at home or room service. In 92, I settled in Colorado, then Bailey. I learned of Charles Holman & the NAET process. I started 2 sessions a week of muscle testing, spinal massage, acupuncture & staying away from the treated item for 25 hours. To this day, I can eat most foods without concern for “where the bathroom is”! I recommend him every time I hear of food allergy related issues, adults or children. RC

As a mom you just know. You know when your child’s level of concentration isn’t where it should be and that lethargy shouldn’t be normal. You know that mood swings aren’t normal and the fact that your child’s been sick, again, for the third time in one month really isn’t normal. As a mom you just know. For several years I explored alternative treatments for my children in an effort to find solutions to the above issues. We tried chiropractic, homeopathy and even cranial sacral work. But instead of finding the root cause for the symptoms these treatments simply provided a band aid-like solution with short term benefits that eventually wore off. And then I found Charles. Within just a few treatments with Charles my children grew stronger and showed signs of getting back to who they really are supposed to be; happy and full of energy with sparkling eyes, fully present in their lives, with constant illnesses now a thing of the past. Working with Charles to find solutions for my children was an educational turning point in our lives. My children receive acupuncture treatments regularly and we, as a family, are learning how food allergies and environmental toxins affect our bodies. I will be forever be grateful to Charles for his compassion and dedication to my children’s health! CO

Charles Holman’s Self Testing Protocol class was awesome! I use the techniques taught in this class to discern what foods/products help vs. hurt my family and me. I feel more confident in the answers that I receive and my interpretation of those answers. Take the class, you will be glad you did! CO 

The 4 goals of the “Self Testing Protocol” class were definitely accomplished for me. The material that I learned in this class has been so valuable to me already and I see myself using it the rest of my life and passing it on to my children. Each week’s material seemed to be layered well meaning that the first class started off very basic so that we could be introduced to the new material without being overwhelmed. The following classes offered new challenging material that built on previous coursework. Charles, I thought you were an excellent teacher. You organized the coursework very well and then presented it in a clear, easy to learn fashion. I really enjoyed practicing what we learned during class time. This really helped the material to stick. I also got to know my  classmates through this process. Thanks, this class was great! MS

When I started seeing Charles, my sinuses had been chronically congested for over a year. I couldn’t get through a day without medication. Also, I was having migraines a couple times a month, when I used to have them a couple times a year. Not only have my symptoms cleared on a physical level, but surprisingly they’ve cleared on an emotional level as well. It’s as if a veil was lifted off my emotions. I can actually “feel” my life again. I have new focus, new ideas, more energy. I now have a real sense of well-being, a very positive side-effect from the powerful NAET work. KG

I want to thank you a thousand times for the amazing difference you have made in my health. I am like a completely different person than I was when I first walked in your door! My health problems were, according to western medicine, incurable. Some of them would have been treatable only after months of taking liver-damaging pills. Yet thanks to you, all my issues are completely resolved, with no toxicity whatsoever and at only a fraction of the cost. Truly, you are one of the pioneers of good medicine in this country, and I can’t thank you enough. NM

Dear Charles, Thank you for helping me. I feel better already! You are caring, nice and kind. Thank you for being you! Thank you very much! EL

I want you to know that you have made such a difference in my life. From your treatments to your teaching, you have given me a new perspective on life. For that I will always be grateful. Thank you. Yours truly, EL

 I want to thank you so very much for the acupuncture work you have been doing for me to “clear” some long-standing allergic responses of mine. I love pasta and I have not been able to eat a pasta dinner for the last 30 years without feeling overstuffed, bloated and just plain uncomfortable. After you did the clearing acupuncture with me for wheat and gluten, I was able to enjoy, with no discomfort, a large plate of pasta the other night. When eating a pasta dinner prior to this, I would make the choice to enjoy the meal and just know that I was going to “pay for it” later. As I was going to bed after eating this recent pasta dinner, it all of a sudden occurred to me that I was and had been feeling just fine all evening. Thank you, thank you! VP

Thank you for taking care of my allergies. It has been a year and a half since I first met you. You treated me for a fairly long list of allergies: wheat, perfumes, bees, mosquitoes, flies, hay, cigarettes, etc. It is really wonderful to be free of my allergies. Thanks again. KW

My baby girl had suffered rectal bleeding starting at 3 months old and we learned finally after being referred to a Pediatric G.I. Specialist when she was 5 months old, that her bleeding was caused by food allergies to my breast milk and whatever I was eating. This doctor wanted me to eliminate all dairy, wheat, soy, eggs, nuts and shellfish from my diet, which was next to impossible, but it worked after 10 days, her bleeding stopped. However, my breast milk production was suffering as a result of such a limited diet, and we had to supplement with a “hypoallergenic” formula. Then about a week later she started bleeding again. Finally a midwife referred us to Mr. Holman for NAET. Mr. Holman discovered my daughter was allergic to breast milk, soy and yeast, and he treated her to clear those allergies. As a result, we got her off of the formula, I am eating a normal diet again, and after being treated by Mr. Holman, I am thrilled that my baby girl is now on breast milk only, with no more bleeding! CJ

Charles has restored my health after six frustrating years of complex medical problems. I am so grateful to have found such a gifted acupuncturist. My body feels much better balanced after each treatment. I have recommended him to all of my family and friends! JL

Dear Charles, How can I ever thank you enough for the great work you’ve done for me. I truly desire physical, emotional and spiritual wholeness and healing. You have been a huge part of this process over the last year. Thank you! LS

Charles has cleared me of over 25 food allergies. I always thought that food made me sick, and in fact it did! The major bonus is that my weekly migraines have gone away. I rarely even get a headache, almost a daily occurrence in the past. Charles Holman and NAET Allergy eliminations have saved my life! Even my skeptical husband hardly recognizes his healthy, happy wife! TBS

Dear Mr. Holman, I just wanted to thank you for the dedication and professionalism you’ve shown during my acupuncture treatments. My circulation has improved (no more cold feet!) and I just feel better overall. I’ve noticed that my skin texture looks better, as if my system has been cleansed. Acupuncture has also relieved the tendinitis in my wrists and elbows which was probably due to excessive computer use. And my PMS symptoms have lessened, too. Thank you very much. SGL

It never ceases to amaze me how something so wonderfully non evasive can be so effective. I have been so pleased with having the swelling of my ankles and my dizziness which I have suffered with for a good part of my life subside. DGO

I was somewhat of a skeptic when I first went to Charles for help with my bipolar illness. Having not benefitted substantially from treatment in the western medical model, I turned to him as a last resort. After the very first session, I felt dramatically better and over the ensuing weeks, my symptoms all but diminished. Over the last four years I have had no relapse of symptoms and my quality of life has improved dramatically. I then went to Charles for elimination of allergies, and have months of allergy-free living. Charles was also able to treat some other symptoms I had been having that were baffling medical doctors through the elimination of obscure allergies. Charles is a shrewd, skilled professional who I would recommend to anyone seeking improved health. RB

Dear Charles, Thank you so much for all the wonderful miracles you have done for my health. You have cured conditions of mine that medical science threw up its hands over. N

Thank you so much for curing me with your acupuncture! Medical science said my conditions were incurable and could only be temporarily treated with daily doses of harsh chemicals, but you proved them wrong! In very little time, for very little money, and with no side effects! I can’t thank you enough and I send to you everyone who tells me they have a problem traditional western medicine cannot fix. Anonymous

Thank you so much for getting me in so quickly. Tuesday night was the best sleep I had had in TWO WEEKS! Those stupid hot flashes are almost gone. My breathing, energy, etc. were still off yesterday but this morning everything seems almost back to normal. YEAH! Anyway thanks again. AD

Dear Charles, After experiencing your allergy treatment method, I simply had to write and thank you. After years of mixed results from pharmaceuticals and weekly allergy injections, I noticed an immediate improvement after receiving my first treatment using your method. With additional treatments, I’ve gone from regular sneezing attacks to virtually no allergic reaction at all.Thank you so much! JS, lifelong allergy sufferer

There are no words to express my appreciation for the help you have given me. I practically crawled into your office in my sweats. I had been in bed off and on for 15 years and was at the end of the line physically and emotionally. I had tried everything Western Medicine had to offer. I was on extremely high doses of methadone, Celebrex and many other pain medications. I could not conceive of stopping any of them the pain was so intense. It has now been 3 years and a huge transition in many ways. I am off of the methadone and all but two pain meds. We have a chlorine filter on the water coming into the house. We are eating mostly organic. I have all of the mercury removed from my teeth. We use natural products in our home for the most part. Your treatments and suggestions have changed my life Charles and for that I can’t thank you enough. Many people have seen the changes in me and I tell them about you. Alternative medicine is a hard concept to understand but as you always say “it’s all about results”. Thank you again Charles. NK

Dear Mr. Holman, I wanted to let you know how much improvement I have made with the work that you have performed on me regarding the various allergies that I suffered. Not only were the allergies an issue, but the physical manifestations of them have been a constant problem for me for many years. As I hold a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry as well as being a Licensed Pharmacist, I naturally would be skeptical of the procedures and processes, but as a trained medical professional and scientist, I also have a very open mind regarding the healing arts. I do not understand the science behind the NAET system, but do know that I have made significant improvements with the testing and treatments. DA

No chemicals invading the body for an unknown period with a bonus of unknown side effects. No lengthy on-sight sleep pattern study. No treating the symptoms only. No questions left unanswered. All it took was one visit with Charles that included his intuition and vast body mechanics knowledge, a muscle test, acupuncture session. I am insomnia free, you get to the root of the problem and solve it! Thank you Charles! AM 

In November 2003, a friend told my husband about an “unusual” allergy treatment she was receiving from an acupuncturist. She had very serious food allergies and was very please with her results. So my husband insisted I try it.  I was skeptical, but I had reached a point where just sitting down at the dinner table or in a restaurant set off a bad coughing spell. I had been tested years before by a traditional allergist but had not shown any signs of food allergies. To please my husband, I said I would go and see Charles Holman. On my first visit, I was very nervous. My husband had seen an acupuncturist after his hip replacements, so I asked him to go with me. We listened to Charles explain how he worked and he very carefully removed any concerns about hygiene and pain. My first treatment was for egg allergy. As I proceeded with the rest of the treatments for my newly discovered food allergies, I found myself coughing less and less. Now my husband and I can actually have a complete conversation at the dinner table without my starting to cough and having to leave the table. Naturally, with such great results, I then went on to alleviate my environmental allergies. Spring and summer always brought on coughing and sometimes asthma attacks. This year has been different. I still have to finish my outdoor treatments, but I can already work in my garden with almost no problems. Charles is now working to relieve sciatic pain I am experiencing as a result of a ski accident. Once in a while, I meet other people who are seeing Charles  and we enthusiastically share allergy stories. I’ve recommended him to friends and I’ve suggested my brother find a NAET trained acupuncturist in Ohio. Sincerely, MB

I moved to Evergreen, Colorado from warm and sunny California in May of 1993. I was really looking forward to summer until I realized that the fine yellow dust all over my driveway was causing me to have an unbelievable allergic reaction that I hadn’t experienced the year before. I soon found out that pine pollen was the cause and that everywhere I went others were suffering, too. My symptoms were lack of energy, scratchy eyes, a tight throat, and a runny nose that was from blowing it so much. If I took allergy medication, I was too drowsy to enjoy the summer. If I didn’t take the medication, I was miserable during the day and couldn’t sleep during the night. I began to look forward to fall. After eight awful summer seasons, my husband and I met Charles Holman. He was the instructor of our new found sport, Tai Chi. We enjoyed getting to know Charles and asked what else he did for a living. He told us about “Bear Creek Healing Arts” and explained acupuncture treatments and their benefits. I didn’t think I had a need for acupuncture treatments until he said it could relieve allergy symptoms. In the fall of 2001 Charles began using a new technique called NAET (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique). He was very excited about the endless possibilities of this new technique and I jumped at the chance to be free of my pine pollen allergy. He first eliminated some of my mild food allergies and then he treated me for pine pollen. From his testing, it seemed like he had eliminated my pine pollen allergy, but I wouldn’t really know how effective the treatment had been until pine pollen season began the next summer. I only hoped it would help. This is now June 8, 2002 and I was wondering when I would notice all the nasty physical symptoms associated with my pine pollen allergy. My children began to have runny noses, itchy eyes and act lethargic. It couldn’t be pine pollen problems, because I wasn’t experiencing any symptoms. I went walking in the neighborhood, and realized that there indeed was pine pollen everywhere. I have not experienced any symptoms and have been noticing how beautiful and wonderful summer is in Colorado. Thanks so much to Charles Holman for his expertise as an acupuncturist and for his friendship! Sincerely, LS  

When my son was 2, he developed a severe, full body case of eczema. We tried everything short of steroids. Crazy diets, wet wrap therapies, supplements, etc. We removed our carpeting and threw away all the chemicals in our home. Nothing was working until somebody suggest we try NAET. I researched practitioners, determined that if I was going to try it, we would have the best acupuncturist there was. That’s when we found Charles. He was so responsive when we first called, even staying late that day to see our little guy. I don’t understand all the ins and outs of acupuncture and NAET, which is hard for my analytical brain. But I know it saved our son’s life, and that Dr. Holman is hands down the best there is. We’ve been seeing him for 2 yrs now, and he’s treated both my kids and myself many times. I honestly can’t imagine life without Dr. Holman! My son is 4 now, and he is eczema free. When he does occasionally have flare-ups, we take him up to Charles and within days he’s brand new. If you’ve been on the fence about acupuncture or NAET, hop off and head up to Evergreen! You won’t regret it. DK

Charles, Thank you for fitting Ana in on such short notice. She is doing great and the bumps are gone! We are so grateful for your treatments. D

Awhile back, you treated me for mosquito bites/bee stings. I was not exposed much after that so had no idea if it made a difference. Right now, we are in northern Michigan and the mosquitoes are THICK, even in the sun. In past years, I would be covered with bites and itch all over. Not this year…nothing. I see them, and they even might land on me, but no bites and no itches. Hurray! That has never happened before. Thank you. EA