Weight Loss Protocol

weightlossWeight Loss

Chemical imbalance in the body can be making the process very difficult, and can be resolved quickly! Discipline may NOT be the problem. What’s the real problem!
  1. Lepton, Nuropeptide Y imbalance which causes cravings.
  2. Thyroid, Hypothyroid
  3. Hormones (the list is long).
  4. Digestive Enzymes
  5. Inability to metabolize fats, carbs, sugars or salt.
  6. Are there food allergies like gluten or dairy.
  7. Are you rejecting vitamins and minerals, and therefore deficient.
  8. Is your body toxic of chemicals.
  9. Is joint pain getting in the way.
  10. Do you have low energy.
  11. Do you have a good exercise program.
  12. Do you need nutritional help.